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Stop Treating Me Like My Body Is A Problem To Be Fixed | Ravishly

I don’t know that I’ve ever really trusted doctors.

My mother, a nurse as long as I’ve known her, tried to teach me to advocate for myself. She told me to ask questions, to do my own research, to know what I was getting myself into, and to remember that those men — because they were always men — were not omnipotent gods, but fallible humans just like her, just like me, just like you. They just happened to also be the gatekeepers of adequate health.

Transgender awareness growing in society, but science has yet to make more strides

It has been a tremendous month for transgender people across North America. On June 4th, just days after became the first transwoman to ever grace the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, here in Canada the revolutionary Bill 77 received unanimous support from every party in the legislative assembly.

The bill, introduced by New Democrat Party MPP Cheri DiNovo in March, bans conversion therapy, a practice aimed at changing the orientations of LGBT (an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities) individuals. It is the first law of its kind in North America to address gender conversion specifically.

Amnesty International votes 'Yes' to support sex work decriminalization

Amnesty International has reached a verdict today on the controversial draft supporting the global decriminalization of sex work. The five-day council meeting held in Dublin, Ireland comes to a close today, but with a “Yes” vote on this important draft, it seems the work is just getting started.

Hairdressers trained to help victims of abuse as part of 'Cut It Out' campaign

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. In the news recently have been some exceptional stories about people who are going out of their way to make a difference in the lives of abuse survivors. But the most powerful thing that anyone can do is offer victims hope to find their way out.

10 Ways to Take Your Yoga Off the Mat | Zenward Blog

When most of us think about yoga we typically picture flexible bodies performing a series of poses, striving to reach new physical achievements. But how often do we consider how yoga can offer us a more flexible mind, or reaching new heights of spiritual experience?

The Perfect Yoga for Imperfect Bodies | Zenward Blog

It is one of my favorite yoga memes: “All bodies are yoga bodies.” But it has proven to be one of the hardest lessons for me to accept in my own practice.

Over the past two decades, yoga has led me on a long and difficult path toward love and acceptance for my body. But still, after all this time learning to love the flesh that I’m in, I find my heart closing and my fear rising before every new class.

Chandra Namaskar — Step-By-Step Guide To Moon Salutation ...

Surya namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is one of my all-time favorite flows. It’s enlivening and rejuvenating. But it can be overstimulating on days when you need something more restorative. Several of the poses in this Vinyasa mainstay are also contraindicated during menstruation or pregnancy.

So what’s a girl to do when she just wants to settle into more feminine movement?

The 10 Best Yoga Poses for A Painless Period

Not every woman feels the need to modify her practice during THAT time of the month, but many who do are on the hunt for a miracle cure for their period pain.

Some cramps can be cured or eased with lifestyle changes, including dietary modifications, herbal tonics, and incorporating more movement into your daily life.

Halal slaughter in Quebec complicated by animal rights bill

Farmers and animal rights activists don’t often agree, but Bill 54, ‘An Act to improve the legal situation of animals in Quebec,’ might be changing that. The proposed legislation is now one step closer to becoming the province’s first successful attempt at legislating animal rights.


Website explains best way to sleep in airports – and which airports are ideal for it

Winter is coming… and with it, vacation season. You have your time booked off from work to escape the frigid cold. The tickets are bought and the resort paid for, a dog-sitter to take care of Scruffy and a car to get you from your front door to your baggage check-in hassle-free, in time for dinner and duty-free.

2015 was a monumental year for fight against Alzheimer’s disease

In Canada today, nearly three quarters of a million people experience dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the prevailing cause. That number is expected to double in the next 15 years. Canadians everywhere, even those who aren’t affected by Alzheimer’s disease themselves, are likely to experience the consequences of a healthcare system overburdened by the needs of an aging population. According to the Alzheimer Society’s website, by 2040 family caregivers will be working 1.2 billion unpaid hours yearly to care for a spouse, parent, or other family member with dementia.

Five Nutrients You Need to Know

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages about how to eat right: What foods should we embrace and which should we avoid? The advice can become overwhelming. How are we supposed to sort through it all and understand, once and for all, what we should be eating?

The answer is closer at hand than you might think!

The Tragic History of Oaxaca's Tequila Sunrise | VinePair

If you have heard of the city or state of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, it is probably thanks to a growing interest in the area’s primary export: mezcal. But on this rich soil, a deep cultural history has grown up right alongside this delicious spirit. And a tragic story of lost love and national sacrifice has its roots firmly in the spirit’s past.

How to Make a Gorgeous Margarita | VinePair

When you think about drinking margaritas, you probably imagine sitting on a warm summer patio, or lounging on a tropical beach, sand between your toes and a frozen drink in hand. So it might come as a bit of a surprise to discover that National Margarita Day is in the middle of February, perhaps the coldest month of the year.

Hipsters Are Turning Oaxaca Into Mexico's First Craft Beer Capital ...

At the food truck park in San Felipe del Agua, an upscale neighborhood just north of Oaxaca City’s center, groups of smiling young professionals and American tourists sit at picnic tables under the palm leaves of a large palapa. They pick at gourmet salads made with biodynamically grown organic greens from Biohuacal and sip on espressos from Café con Leche, or cold craft brews from The Beer Truck Company. That’s when someone decides that what this party really needs is the music of Creed.