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Bex vanKoot

journalist & content creator

Canadian freelancer living in Mexico, writing about social justice, culture, travel, food, health, science, technology, lifestyle, sex, and love.

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Img 5308 article

This Commonplace Practice Could Kill Mezcal’s International Appeal

Are we sipping away mezcal's originality and authenticity?

Weight article

Don't Drop Avocados to Drop Pounds

Avocados and weight management....

Degustacionybotellas article
The Latin Kitchen

Mezcal 101: The Modernization of Mexico's Smoky Sip

While mezcal is developing a reputation for its complexity and richness, both in culture and flavor, it hasn’t always been this way.

Thinker article

The Privilege Of Existential Guilt - The Establishment

Maybe you would be happier if you weren’t smart enough to notice everything wrong with the world.

Meditaiton by moyan brenn 2 1 1400x600 article

Zen and the Dark Side: meditating in darkness

The experience of prolonged darkness and returning to the light lies at the heart of many ancient and modern mystery schools. This is where spiritual warriors go to challenge their fear of death. And what, if anything, is a fear of death if not our very basest fear… the fear of the dark? What monsters are lurking, what creepies crawling in those shadows?

Open uri20160817 17127 qp8mv8 article
The Latin Kitchen

Mexican Food Traditions: Eating Tlayudas in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a foodie tourist destination known for its reputation as “the land of the seven moles.” The valley in southern Mexico draws praise for its fine spiced chocolate, and curiosity for the freaky...

22018af0 5e71 11e5 8f37 e33f17ffcc64 img 5244 article

First Nations traditions meet fine dining

While most people think of bannock and little else as traditional First Nations fare, these restaurants show that it can be so much more....

Erotic brain article

Ecstatic Science and the Erotic Brain

You can blame it on hook up culture. You can call out a sex-ed epidemic, or invoke the wild mystery that is the female body, but when the pants and the inhibitions drop, all that really matters is that women are not having the orgasms they deserve.

Open uri20160817 17127 1kdrzst article
The Latin Kitchen

Oaxaca Food Tour: Desserts Take Center Stage at Mexican Festivals

You can find regional sweets of the baked and fried varieties all around Oaxaca City just about any day of the year, but it’s during festival weeks that these treats take center stage. Popping up...